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Information Leaflet

Dear patient,
You and your physician have decided to use Chinese Acupuncture in order to restore normal functions by stimulating certain points on the meridians to free up the Chi energy. It is proven that acupuncture can reduce pain, balance the vegetative nervous system, improve immune resistance, and have therapeutic effects.

Treatment process
Appropriate patient posture is significant for the treatment. As a patient, you will be placed first in a relaxed, comfortable position (generally lying on your back, side, or stomach, but for certain specific acupuncture points, other postures might be needed). While the needle is puncturing, you may feel a slightly unpleasant pinch, but that should disappear quickly. Once the optimal needling point has been found, while the doctor carefully moves the needle forward towards its goal, you should experience a somewhat numb, tight, or warm sensation, which can also radiate. The Chinese call this needling sensation “de-qi” and it is a decisive factor for successful therapy. Usually, the de-qi will start to fade after a few minutes. Your physician will always choose as few needles as possible for effective treatment (around 16). During needling you should remain still and relaxed in your initial resting position. If you should feel pain (e.g. after moving) or other uncomfortable symptoms, please inform your physician or an assistant. Before and after treatment you should try to stay physically and mentally relaxed for about one hour.

Side effects
As long as acupuncture is correctly applied, it has nearly no side effects. In rare cases a “needle collapse” might occur, a vegetative regulation of the cardiovascular circulation, which can be overcome by immediate withdrawal of the needle(s) and moving into a lying position. Smaller hematoma or blisters as a result from cupping treatments or from moxibustion can rarely occur and usually do not require any treatment. In case of blisters, attention must be paid to keeping them dry and uninfected. Other rare, but possible side effects include fatigue (attention, drivers) or a temporary worsening of a clinical picture of the patient. It is important that you inform your physician of a possible pregnancy, since some points should not be needled in this case. After a heat treatment via moxibustion, the patient is recommended not to consume cold beverages in order to efficiently take advantage of the therapeutic effect.

All services are invoiced according to the German Scale of Medical Fees (Gebührenordnung für Ärzte - GOÄ) and must be paid personally. Patients with private health insurance generally receive a full refund of these costs from their private insurance company. Patients with German statutory health insurance coverage (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung/GKV) must pay the costs themselves according to the mutually agreed fee scale. In specific cases (e.g. chronic low-back pain or knee arthritis), the GKV may take over all or parts of the costs.  Patients may want to consult their insurer about this possibility.